After Viva

During the second Viva presentation, i received feedback on my bird character and it went along the lines of the bird not being cute enough. I will be changing the eyes and maybe the body proportion(if there is enough time). For the environment, i was "recommended" to look up Angkor Wat and change the outside... Continue Reading →

New 3D textured bird character

Before the mini viva, the textures for the bird wasn't working properly as when moving parts of the bird, the textures would distort horrible. After seeking help from Ryan, he managed to rectify the problem and the textures finally worked.   This is how the bird character looks like with its texture   Front View... Continue Reading →

Since we've already decided on the type of the bird at the start, i did some sketches using the robin as a base reference and decided on the 5th one. The colours for the bird remains the same to show that this is a robin.     Maya 3D proxy

Underground Robot City Design

In the beginning, during week 5 - 6, i started modelling the robot city first to make it easier so i could paint over in photoshop. I discussed with my team members and we agreed that shades of blue was probably the best in terms of color concept. Of course, i did not actually colour... Continue Reading →

Today is our presentation and we encountered some problems with our story. It seems like we'll have to think about how to make the setting for why robots outlawed living creatures more clearly. We also have other problems such as city needing to look more " cold" and keeping in mind the length of the... Continue Reading →

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